Digital Mobile Radio

As of January 2019, CPARC has entered into the world of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)!

This Digital Voice system allows for linking voice conversations through the internet (much like other modes such as D-STAR/Fusion). CPARC Operates a DMR "Hotspot" Which allows us to connect to the BrandMeister global DMR network using a simplex frequency. If you wish to use our hotspot (currently range limited to inside the shack), the frequency is 447.500 MHz, CC 1, TS 2.

If you wish to contact CPARC members on the BrandMeister network, please use the (unofficial) CPARC Talkgroup 3127910

Information on the local K6DOA repeater can be found here.

For more DMR information contact Jack Gallegos KK6YWG: jgalle05 at