Events Overview


Communications is a critical part of running a successful bicycle event, triathlon, or other regional competition. The Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club has provided communications support for the following events in the last couple years.

CPARC's hams ride along in SAG vehicles and set up communication stations at rest stops to relay incident information, inform event coordinators of potentially hazardous conditions, arrange rider transports, and help event organizers locate missing persons. The club owns eight mobile radios that can be set up in vehicles or at rest stops and operated by CPARC hams.

Radio communication has proven invaluable for these events, particularly when cell phone service is poor. By routing communications traffic through a centralized net control station, information can be efficiently moved between all communications volunteers on the course. Most issues are resolved in less time than it takes to dial a cell phone.

If you would like the Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club to help at one of your events, please contact us!