Radio Orienteering

Cal Poly Radio Orienteering & Antenna Building Events

Every year the Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club hosts one or more radio orienteering and antenna building event. These events are fun opportunities to practice radio-orienteering, build antennas, and socialize with club members and other local HAMs.

Cal Poly Radio Orienteering

Radio Orienteering, otherwise known as Amateur Radio Direction Finding (or Transmitter Hunting), is an Amateur Radio racing sport combining radio direction finding and map & compass orienteering. During a T-Hunt, participants use Yagi Antennas and radios to identify and locate transmitters hidden throughout campus.

Antenna Building

Marvin Johnston, KE5HTS, typically runs a clinic before Cal Poly ARDF events for building his kits for tape measure yagi antennas usable in the event. Information on the tape measure yagi kit can be found on his website.

Upcoming ARDF Events at Cal Poly

Cal Poly will be hosting our next an ARDF session Winter quarter 2015.
More information will be available Fall & Winter quarter as we approach the event.

Past ARDF Events at Cal Poly


  • Results from 2016 T-Hunt

  • 2015

  • Results from 2015 T-Hunt

  • 2014

  • 2014 Cal Poly Transmitter Hunt & BBQ Flyer
  • Results from 2014 T-Hunt

  • 2013

  • Results from 2013 T-Hunt

  • 2012

  • Results from 2012 T-Hunt

  • 2011

  • Results from 2011 T-Hunt

  • 2010

  • Results from 2010 T-Hunt