The Shack

The "Shack" is the main headquarters of the club.

KJ6RPX and AI6MS contesting in the shack

The "shack" is an Amateur Radio term for "radio room." Our radio room is located on campus in the midst of the Engineering East Building 20, room 123. There is a large antenna installed just outside the club room; just go to the base of the antenna to get to the room.

Current club members can access the Shack at any time via a keypad on the door. The keypad lock was installed in January 2006 and has greatly improved accessibility to the Shack. If you stop by, you'll likely see members hanging out, surfing the net, talking on HF, or even doing homework between classes.

Inside the shack is a full HF station, an APRS station, soldering iron, test equipment, computers, microwave, refrigerator, and couch. Pretty much everything a college student needs in life!