Welcome to the W6BHZ Fora (PLEASE READ)

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Welcome to the W6BHZ Fora (PLEASE READ)

Hello club members and officers, and welcome to the W6BHZ Fora!

As we continue to add content and features to the website, we want to allow our wonderful members to utilize the website beyond simply finding dates and sign-up forms. All club members may now create accounts for the website by clicking the "Log In" button in the upper right corner and then clicking "Create New Account." Once your new account is approved by an administrator, you can begin using the new features as explained below!

Account Approval Requirements
In order for your account to be approved by a site administrator (administrators include the current club Webmaster along with the President and Vice President), you must follow these guidelines:

  • Your username MUST be your FCC provided Call Sign.
  • Your email MUST be your Cal Poly email OR you MUST email a site administrator to confirm your identity.

These guidelines are in place to ensure that only current and former club members, friends, and advisers can use the forums in an effort to prevent spam from occurring on the club website.

Account Features!
I am very excited to announce the following immediate features for all members with accounts:

  • All Club Member & Officer accounts can post to these Fora!
    • We want to encourage discussion and sharing of knowledge of radio and beyond!
  • All Club Member & Officer accounts can create Blog posts!
    • We want to provide a platform for club members to post about their projects!
  • All Club Officer accounts can moderate forum and blog posts!
    • It is the responsibility of the officers to help maintain mature and peaceful conversations on the official club fora.

As development continues on the site, we hope to unlock more useful features for club members. Please feel free to post any suggestions to the fora!

As for some parting notes, the current forum structure will very likely change depending on how frequently these fora are used. I will also continue to add new features. Please feel free to post any suggestions to the General forum for now. Go forth and converse, HAMs!