Fall Ham Cram

Every year CPARC hosts the Ham Cram, a one-day event where prospective amateur radio operators can get their license in one day, with no prior knowledge required! All material required to pass the technician level license will be presented during the Cram, after which license tests will be administered. So far the Cram has proven to be effective, with a pass rate for the Technician level of over 95%.

The Cram costs $10 and runs from 8:30 to 15:30; tests are administered for free following the Cram. Depending on availability, General and Extra level tests may be administered as well.


Sign Up Form

Please sign up for the Fall 2019 Ham Cram via the Google Form link found here.


What to Bring

Please have your FRN ready on the day of the exam. Please remember to bring the necessary items (such as legal photo ID) to the test session. For more information visit the Licensing page.